b'Talent Development ApprenticeshipsSkills for In-Demand JobsNorthwest Michigan Works! Sponsoredunique Medical Assistant registered apprenticeship program.Apprenticeships:Theprogramincludesapproximately2000hoursofon-the-jobcompetenciesalongwithMedical AssistantMechatronics Technicianapproximately200hoursofHVAC InstallerCulinaryonline related instruction.Once theapprenticescompletetheHVAC ServicerAccounting Technicianrequirements,theywillreceiveaMedicalAssistantCareerPlumber Fiber Optic Lineworker Diploma, Department of Labor National Credential and State of Michigan Certification.In the region, there are currently 364 registered apprentices along with 49 active programs. NMW presently sponsors 49 apprentices for businesses of every size and various industry364sectors. Northwest Michigan Works! partnered with Kalkaska MemorialRegistered ApprenticesHealth Center and Penn Foster online education to develop aAcross the RegionTalent DevelopmentBusiness Resource Network Employee Retention Program In partnership with Char-Em United Way, and TCF Bank, theTheBRNisasolidbusinessdecision.Ourcompanys Business Resource Network (BRN) is an innovative employerparticipation and investment have provided a positive return retentionprogramwhichincludesanon-locationSuccesswhether you measure that in dollars or in associate wellness.Coach.In2020,227newindividualsparticipatedinsuccessOur associates and company rely on coach services and 62 received ongoing case management.Thethe BRN to identify and utilize resources BRN remains strong with all 8 of the initial employers renewingthatotherwisewouldbeunknown.the program for another year. Fromhousingtotransportationto domestic or childcare issues, the BRN In 2020, 607 referrals for services were provided. Ninety percentaddresses the barriers that prevent our were in the following categories: associates from being fully engaged in theirwork.PatGammon,SHRM-Unemployment Assistance 275 Employment Assistance 19 SCP,SPHR,HumanResource Generalist, Petoskey PlasticsTransportation Assistance 100 Daycare 15Housing 48 Finance & Budgeting 13Our BRN success coach is instrumental Mental Health Counseling 21 Educational Support 11 in helping bring a productive work-life Car Repair 20 Utilities 10 balance to our organization.TALENT DEVELOPMENT / NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG 7'