b'Talent Development Literacy ServicesA fuller range of literacy services was developed in the learning Adult Education labs during the 2019-20 school year. Literacy can be defined as Total Number of Students: 279 the ability to functionally read, write and speak in the English Language.This year saw the addition of texts and software Total Number of Attendance Hours: 19,200 to aid this instruction.Tutor recruitment and training began Class of 2020: 64 Graduates (21 HSD; 43 HSE/GED) utilizingthenewlydevelopedonlinetrainingmodules.The pandemic forced tutoring services to a remote delivery system ABE: Adult Basic Ed via Google Meet.ASE: Adult Secondary Ed Adult Education CTC Special ProgramsESL: English as a SecondThe pandemic significantly impacted the Adult Education CTC Language Special Programs at the Wexford Missaukee ISD (WMISD) Career Tech Center and the Traverse Bay Area ISD (TBAISD) Career HSD: High School Diploma Tech Center. These programs offer adult education students HSE: High Schoola direct link and opportunity to participate in career technical Equivalency (GED) training.Whenon-site,in-personclassroominstructionwas paused in March 2020, this innovative education model met Adult Education servicesimmediate challenges. When many of the States 14 programs delivered through the Northwest Michigan Works! Learningstruggled to overcome the void created, Northwest Michigan Labs have an Education for Employment focus.Labs operateWorks! Adult Education and WMISD rose to the occasion to year round with an open registration schedule.Participantsovercome the obstacle. The Adult Career Training programs aged 18 and older can learn for free at their own pace. 2020 Spring Cohort returned to training in July and resulted in the certification and immediate employment of seven Certified Instructional Delivery Changes to the LearningNursing Assistant students.Labs Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic: The month of March 2020 marked the closure of on-site instruction for adults in the Northwest Michigan Works! Learning Labs.Because the distance learning instructional46% Of all attendance hours option has been embedded in our delivery model of servicescame from Distance Learningfor over 12 years, instruction continued without significant interruption.Enrollment processes required revamping to allow for a remote option.Group registrations were suspended and moved to individual appointments and the75% Of all students are between mandatory assessments moved to online administration.Registration packets were mailed to students for completionthe ages of 16-44prior to the individual appointments. During registration, students are now required to learn how to virtually connect with teachers through Zoom or Google Meet.TeachersADULT EDUCATION STUDENT FOCUSdelivered individualized instruction via these online tools.Graduation day featured the first ever remote program. JohnChris Rowland worked in both the Learning Lab and with a Michigan Works! Career Advisor to Barron, pictured, was the featured speaker. help him pass his GED and obtain training and employment as a CNA.Chris states: Michigan Works is very flexible and works with your work schedule while making sure you get through your GED on time.12 NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG / TALENT DEVELOPMENT'