b'Talent DevelopmentMeet John MisturaBoyne Resorts, North Central Michigan College, the American CulinaryFederation(ACF)andNorthwestMichiganWorks! partneredtodevelopaculinaryapprenticeshipprogram offering a unique interactive learning experience with executive chefmentors.TheapprenticeswillachievetheirSousChef certificationalongwithaDOLNationalCredentialanda Hospitality Certificate.One of the current apprentices is John Mistura. His career at Boyne started in 2015 as a line cook. When Boyne initiated the Sous Chef Apprenticeship recruitment process, John saw it as an opportunity to upskill and launch his career pathway in the culinary field.He had never really considered this type of career yet was drawn to the education and mentoring the apprenticeship offered.Executive Chef Dean GrillAs John progressed through the program, he realized the many benefits of the apprenticeship including his new network of contactsandfriendswhilelearningaboutfood.Learning about the nutritional value of food was life-changing, said John. How to cook it appropriately while maintaining the flavor and nutritional value is interesting. Johns Mentor, Executive Chef Dean Grill, says John Johns Mentor, Executive Chef Dean Grill, says John will play an ongoing roll in the Apprenticeship program. will play an ongoing role in the Apprenticeship This program is very dear to me personally and identifyingprogram.therightapprenticesisessentialtothesuccessofthe apprenticeship, said Dean. Johnny is a great fit and has been selected to be the liaison for the upcoming cohort of students.AsJohncontinueshissuccess,heisenthusiastictomentor the new cohort of apprentices and is Boynes most influential spokespersonforthebenefitsofthetraining.Seeingmy progress from where I started to where I am now is my favorite part of the program! said John. John MisturaSeeing my progress from where I started towhere I am now is my favorite part ofthe program!John Mistura6 NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG / TALENT DEVELOPMENT'