b'Business Development SBDC 2020 Regional Program ImpactIt remains a priority for the Northwest region to equitablyservice our 10-county Northwest footprint. This is ademonstration of how we were able to service clientsNew Businessregion-wide in 2020: 1 Year7%51+ Years Northwest Clients by County4%County (MI) Customer Count% Total of Companies Served13 Years Antrim 27 6%22%Benzie 29 7%2150 Years16% Charlevoix 42 10%Emmet 33 8%Grand Traverse 159 36%1120 Years 45 Years Kalkaska 12 3%16% 25%Leelanau 42 10%610 Years Manistee 45 10%10% Missaukee 16 4%Wexford 24 5%Other 10 2%GRAND TOTAL 439 100% 42% (181 clients) consider themselves Not Yetin Business. 13.2% (24 clients) successfully opened their 2020 Featured Small Businessdoors for business. Lakeshore Dry Goods is the producer of Sunrise Bliss organicAssisted 58 clients by accessing $5,379,700 in various cotton hair towels and they sell their products direct to forms of capital to include loans, private investment, consumer via their website and Etsy, as well as wholesale personal investment while also securing an additional through retailers and salons across the county. Owner, Pam $3,506,326 in specialty COVID response grants. Colby, first began working with the Northwest MI-SBDC at the onset of her business in 2016. The SBDC provided a rangeAssisted 32 clients to increase sales totaling $5,160,017. of services over the past few years that included business planning, financial projections and development, pitch deckProvided 2,377 consulting hours to 439 total clients. preparatory support for various local pitch events (earning them a second place and peoples choice awards), and ongoing212 Jobs Retained (for those in business general support and encouragement as Lakeshore Dry Goods clients) and 128 Jobs Created (for both in business evolved beyond its startup phase.and start up clients).20 NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT'