b'Community DevelopmentBear Creek Township Recreation PlanOutdoor recreation was an avenue for maintaining activity andI would like to thank you for guiding us peaceofmindformuchofthepopulationduringtheCOVID pandemic of 2020. The recommendations for social distancing andthrough our recreation plan update. The stay at home orders provided an opportunity for the populationproject was done on time and within budget to pursue increased outdoor activities while enjoying the manyand we look forward to working with you in natural wonders of our region. Timing for administering a planning process certainly presented some challenges, but the developmentthe future.of a recreation plan is a project that can bring about the support of a community during this time.Dennis Keiser, Supervisor,Bear Creek TownshipBearCreekTownshipinEmmetCountyhadundertakena Recreation Planning Process under the guidance of the Township Park & Recreation Committee and facilitated and developed by Networks Northwest. This successful process sought to identify theneedsofthecommunity.Backgroundinformationforthe existing demographics of the community, the process with which the community approves and implements recreational assets, the inventorying of recreation sites and features, and the setting of goals for recreation frame the process and plan.Similar to many Northern Michigan communities, the survey that was conducted during the planning process displayed favoritism towards recreational activities that center on trail use (walking/running, biking and hiking) as well as those activities that necessitate access to water, whether it is lakefront sandy beaches or stream corridors. The completed plan sets the stage through goals, which when implemented, will seek to maintain clean and safe recreation sites, provide for a broad range of age of recreational users and abilities, as well as continue and expand upon planning activities for trails and non-motorized users.26 NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG / COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT'