b'COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCommunity Development in Northwest Lower Michigan seeks to convene partners for collaboration, generation of ideas and achieving consensus on both clear and onerous subjects, while also providing educational opportunities, and assisting with development of plans, policy and land use ordinance language.Staff with Community Development oversee and are involved with State and Federal programs, such as asset management in assistance of the Michigan Department of Transportation, planning for solid waste management in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy or Hazard Mitigation Planning in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Department also provides planning services for local level development of Master/Comprehensive Plan Documents, Recreation Plans, Capital Improvement Plans or Zoning Ordinances. The Community Development Department is eager and qualified to convene groups, perform research, write plans and advise residents, elected and appointed officials on important issues to our region. Covid Response Freight PlanBenchmarks Bear Creek Northwest Recreational TrailCommunity ResilienceNetworksNorthwestwasarecipientoftheEconomicinvestmentareas,anddirectparticipationandcoordination DevelopmentAdministrationsCoronavirusAid,Reliefandwith their regional Economic Development Organizations.Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Recovery Assistance Grant in the amount of $400,000.This grant, which spans a two-yearDataandinformationhavebeenestablishedandupdated, period, allotted the organization $200,000 in 2020 for projectspreparing for a critical update to the regions Comprehensive and processes which will assist with pandemic related economicEconomic Development Strategy (CEDS).This strategy, built recovery and resiliency measures in our Northwest MichiganupontheinputofinformationfromincubatedCounty-Level region. EconomicDevelopmentTaskForceGroups,willdrivethe establishmentofastrategicdirectionandaccompanying Thefundingfromthisgrantwillstrengtheneconomicandactionplanforeconomicdevelopmentactivities.Together, community partnerships throughout the region.Specifically,these initiatives have set the stage for a resilience plan which local communities are provided direct support, guidance andwill identify regional strengths and proactive measures better assistanceinregardtoupdatingkeyeconomicrelateddatacapable of averting future economic disruptions.andinformation,identificationofmarketablegrowthand 24 NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG / COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT'