b'Talent DevelopmentMiSTEM Career Advisor CollaborationNorthwestMichiganWorks!andtheNorthwesternLower Michigan MiSTEM Network have collaborated to connect our local students to STEM careers. STEM related career exploration, STEM informed curriculums, and on the job experiences are the key factors to this successful partnership.The Northwest Michigan Works! Career Advisor is in a unique position to connect students of all ages to regional businesses offeringScience,Technology,EngineeringandMatch(STEM)relatedcareers.TheCareerAdvisorincorporatesavarietyof differentresourcesandservicessuchascareerexploration events,talenttours,educatorprofessionaldevelopment,andStudents participated employer engagement activities. 2300 in 4 career exploration events beforeIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this unique partnershipCOVID lockdownsquicklypivotedtowardssupportingeducatorsinaremote environment. All projects and deliverables that could be moved to the virtual world were moved without an interruption to service. Additionally,adaptingclassroomlessonsforteacherstouse65+ Businesses engaged during the crisis was integral in continuing the programs work in 2020. The Northwest Michigan Works! Career Advisor workedwith local educators collaborativelywiththeregionalMiSTEMNetworkdirectorand studentstoprovideresourcesandprofessionallearningthatenable educators to reach unexpected levels of success. 2020 Highlights Over School districts recruited to createDeveloped platforms and procedures to have students and 20 & foster a business interact safely across the region. STEM culturePresented at TC Wired and the Michigan Works! Association Annual Conference on the Intersection of STEM Educationand Careers.Worked with 53 different local educators to provide 50+ Career profile cards developed for use online professional learning that included; Elementary across the regionand Secondary STEM Career Exploration Webinars, Career Exploration Software lessons, and other professionaldevelopment opportunities.TALENT DEVELOPMENT / NETWORKSNORTHWEST.ORG 11'