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TTCI: Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative

The mission of the Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) is to provide coordinated leadership and direction for the development and conduct of the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for the Traverse City urban area.


For More Information Please Contact:
Barry Hicks
(231) 929-5000
Contact Form


Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

The Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) was formally established in October of 2023, by the signature of the Governor of the State of Michigan and formal approval of the Unified Work Plan by the Federal Highway Administration.  

For a complete history of TTCI, please visit the about/history page. 


Currently recieving Public Comment

Please submit your comments for the Draft Public Participation Plan. To review the document visit the link - Draft Public Participation Plan

  • Complete an online submittal form and fill your comments here - Public Comment Form
  • Send comments to TTCI via Networks Northwest by mail at: Networks Northwest, PO Box 506, Traverse City, MI 49686 (Print and mail the Public Comment Form)
  • Emailing comments or phoning to a TTCI staff member - Barry Hicks | (231) 929-5000 | Contact Form


TTCI Board and Committees

FY 2024 Schedule 

Agendas/Meeting Minutes

TTCI Members


TTCI Intergovernmental Agreement for Participants of the MPO



TTCI MPO Boundary

TTCI Urbanized Boundary

MDOT Digital Map Portal for all ACUB Boundaries 


TTCI Documents

Approved TTCI Unified Work Program FY2025

Approved TTCI Unified Work Program FY 2024

2020 Final Freight Plan

2014 Vision 2035 Document

2016 East/West Connection

For information on the East-West Corridor Transportation Study please visit:


REGIONAL PROJECTS and educational information

MPO Frequently Asked Questions - 11/2023 Update

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