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Global Trade Alliance Training and Resources

Training and Resources



The Global Trade Alliance of Northern Michigan is offering access to an online export database, World Trade Ref™, that offers true insight and practical applications to your exporting teams. From articles on business culture to tips on negotiation in country to videos helping you learn those all-important key phrases in a foreign language, you will find value in every part of this online resource.

Through our partnership with MEDC, employers will be able to take advantage of and be connected to several MEDC Resources and Service Providers.

Interested in attending a Traverse City International Affairs Forum event? Gain insight on global markets and network with others that have the same curiosities about international trade. With proof of purchase GTA may be able to reimburse you for your tickets to the event. Limit one event per season, contact Rob Dickinson for details. 

Export MI  was developed jointly by MEDC and the International Business Center at Michigan State University. It assists businesses beginning to export and helps them expand upon their success. Here you will find an event calendar populated with helpful trainings and export events.

Are you interested in upcoming trade missions, click here and scroll down the page to find information on upcoming trade missions.

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