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Global Trade Alliance of Northern Michigan

Export Connections

The Global Trade Alliance of Northern Michigan is a business resource for international trade. We connect businesses to service providers and peers to assist the launch and enhancement of global trade operations.

We are your one-stop resource for trade strategy development, access to resources and information, and peer networking in the U.P. and Northern Lower Michigan. Through our partnerships in business, local economic development organizations, educational institutions, and others, we provide a single point of access for market research, entry strategies, sales and distribution channels for regional products, promotional activities including trade missions and shows, and business networking, mentoring, and education. 


Financial Assistance
We can provide direct reimbursement to eligible small businesses to develop or expand export-related activities.



International Trade Centers
Our International Trade Centers provide counseling, market analysis and more to help Michigan businesses market their products.



Training and Resources
We can connect you with market research, training, website development and more to jump-start your momentum in a foreign market.



Getting Started

To get started on your journey please fill out this INTAKE FORM. This form will connect you with your local International Trade Manager and more resources. We will contact you within 48 hours after submitting your online intake form.

Local contacts

Chris Bosio
International Trade Manager
Contact Form
P: 517-348-9256

Rob Dickinson 
Regional Export Network Program Manager
Contact Form
P: 231-929-5053

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