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Interactive Road Construction Project Map for Grand Traverse County Live Online

News Release
May 19, 2021

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – An interactive online map is now live and will help people keep track of road construction projects in Grand Traverse County. The 2021 Interactive Road Construction Map was developed through a collaborative effort by members of Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) and is being managed by the Grand Traverse County Road Commission. You can see the Interactive Road Construction Map by clicking on the Road Projects Web Application link on the Road Commission website homepage at The map includes the Traverse City Urbanized Area that gives TTCI its boundaries.

When viewing the interactive map, users can see where road construction projects are planned, when they will start, and when they are scheduled to be completed. By clicking a road segment with a project, various bits of information can be viewed such as what the project is (crack seal, crush and shape, etc.) and contact information for who is responsible for the project.

The Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) mission is to provide coordinated leadership and direction for the development and conduct of the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for the Traverse City urban area.

As the 2020 Census data is released, it is believed that the Traverse City urban area will have gained enough population for TTCI to transition into becoming a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). An MPO is a federally mandated and federally funded transportation policy-making organization that is made up of representatives from local governments and governmental transportation authorities.

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Susan Odom, Chair, Suttons Bay Township Planning Commission