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For a smooth commute, make sure to decide on the following issues before travel:

  • If more than one person will be driving, decide who will drive when. Create a schedule and make sure everyone has a copy.
  • Make sure everyone has a list of each carpooler's home and work phone numbers in case of illness, emergency, or change of plans.
  • Choose a convenient meeting place or decide to pick up each person at home.
  • Set a few rules, like:
    • How long you will wait for late riders. Five minutes is typical.
    • Whether smoking is allowed.
    • Whether food and drink are allowed.
    • Which entertainment will be used: music, news, or nothing.
  • Decide on costs. Use the cost calculator provided on this site.
  • Make sure the vehicle runs well and is reliable.
  • Make sure the vehicle has insurance. Also, check your insurance policy - some companies offer rate reductions for ridesharing.