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Safety is a primary concern when sharing rides with strangers. Northwest Michigan Council of Governments and NM Ride Share assume no liability for the safety of those who use this site to connect transportation sharing. However, we strongly suggest the following safety guidelines:

  • Use a free web-based email account to register on this site. Examples are Yahoo Mail,, Gmail, and  Microsoft Hotmail. These accounts are more anonymous than home or work email addresses. 
  • Meet the person you are considering traveling with in a public place, before agreeing to travel together. Discuss travel safety.
  • Follow your instincts: if you do not feel safe with the person, do not travel with him or her.
  • Confirm your prospective travel partner's phone number ahead of time. You might want to check the number in the phone book or online.
  • Ask for personal references.
  • Make a copy of your travel partner's driver's license or i.d. when you first meet him or her.
  • Exchange emergency contact numbers before traveling.

Most carpoolers agree that the good company of their fellow travelers is a benefit to sharing rides. However, a little etiquette can keep your ride a happy one. 

  • Don't be Late: Chronically late riders cause frustration for everyone else. Establish a time schedule and stick to it.
  • No Stopping - Anytime!: This is not the time to stop at the grocery store or to pick up dry cleaning; it is a waste of time for your riders. Drive to and from your destination, and save your errands for lunch break or the weekend.
  • Have a Back Up Plan: This is especially important if you rely on one driver. Make sure you can find another way to your destination if your driver is sick or has an emergency.
  • The Little Things...: Little things can make a big difference. You will be in close proximity with others for an extended period of time during your commute. Do not overdo the perfume or cologne; make sure fellow travelers are not allergic to peanuts before eating them; do not travel if you are sick; etc. Use common sense and be respectful of others.