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2016 East/West Connection

The Traverse Transportation Initiative Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) is established to provide coordinated leadership and direction for the development and conduct of a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process in the Traverse City Urbanized Area.  As a program of Networks Northwest, TTCI shall constitute the forum for cooperative transportation decision-making by principal elected officials of general purpose local governments and representatives of transportation based agencies to develop Traverse City Urbanized Area multi-modal transportation plans and programs.  This includes studying how existing east/west corridors throughout this region affect transportation and economic development. In 2016, an effort to address the challenges and complexities for improving East/West corridor mobility was discussed and the Policy Board instructed staff and the Technical Committee to look at all real and potential projects, which includes providing an updated scope of work for constructing another east/west connection over the Boardman River.  The following information is based on estimates only as provided by State and Local transportation agencies with regards to connecting Hammond Rd. and Hartman Rd. via an all-season standard two lane bridge.



Based on the review of past budgetary figures, the project construction costs is anticipated to be roughly $25-30 million.  A local engineering consulting firm stipulates that this figure would include  5% for Design Engineering and 7% for Construction Engineering.

  Primary Potential Funding Sources

o    Stautory Formulas

  •   Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STP)
  •   Discretionary Programs
  •   Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant program
  •   NOTE: Earmarks are currently banned

o    State

o    Local

  •   Road Millage
  •   General Funds
  •   Bureau of Indian Affairs?


Next Steps with estimated costs:

  1.  Update Conceptual Design and Budget (Scoping) - $100,000
  2.  Complete Environmental Assessment (3-5 years) - $1,000,000
  3.  Identify Right of Way Acquition Needs - Cost Unknown
  4.  Complete TIGER and/or other grant applications - $150,000


East / West Connection Environmental Impact Statement (2001)  



Transportation Mobility Survey
The Traverse Transportation Coordinating Initiative (TTCI) selected a vendor to convene a statistically significant survey focused on perceived east/west mobility through the urbanized area. The results of the survey will assist the TTCI Board and other transportation entities in prioritizing corridors to study, analyze, and ultimately in the preparation of strategies and alternatives based on effectiveness, efficiency, funding, value, community desire and other agency goals.  The research secured quantitative information from residents as stakeholders in this initiative, providing information to aid the Board in evaluating of transportation improvement strategies. The survey report is available below.

East/West Transportation Corridor Perception Research Report (PDF)

Networks Northwest always proves to be a valued resource for our local government planning efforts. No organization does a better job of convening partners, promoting collaboration, and reporting on the data than does Networks Northwest
- Ty Wessell, Leelanau County Commissioner