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TTCI Members

TTCI Members

Policy Board Roster

Richard Bayus (MDOT)

Haider Kazim (Grand Traverse County Road Commision)

Brendan Mullane (Leelanau County Road Commission) - Secretary

Brad Jewett (Grand Traverse County)

Richard Lewis (Leelanau County)

Doug White (Acme Township)

Midge Werner (Bingham Township)

Nicole Blonshine (Blair Township)

Beth Friend (East Bay Township) - Chair

Jeff Shaw (Elmwood Township)

Chuck Korn (Garfield Township) - Vice Chair

Andy Marek (Green Lake Township)

Ron Lemcool (Long Lake Township)

Isaiah Wunsch (Penninsula Township)

Elizabeth Vogel (Traverse City)

Kelly Dunham (BATA) - Treasurer


TTCI Technical Committee Members

Technical Committee Roster

Maxwell Gierman (MDOT)

Derek Weichlein (Grand Traverse County Road Commission) - Vice Chair

Craig Brown (Leelanau County Road Commission)

Gregg Bird (Grand Traverse County)

Chris Forsyth (Grand Traverse County)

Lindsey Wolf (Acme Township) - Treasurer

Steve Patmore (Bingham Township)

Claire Karner (East Bay Township)

Sarah Clarren (Elmwood Township)

John Sych (Garfield Township) - Chair

Andy Marek (Green Lake Township)

Ron Lemcool (Long Lake Township)

Jenn Cram (Penninsula Township)

Shawn Winter (Traverse City) - Secretary

Bill Clark (BATA)

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- Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager