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Asset Management


Asset Management is a strategic and systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost-effectively.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) uses Asset Management to identify and evaluate road conditions, thereby applying resources where they are most needed to maintain roads and the transportation system in general.

Networks Northwest Regional Planning and Community Development staff provide regional support for the program, which includes: administrative support, liaison activities between the counties and MDOT, training, scheduling of inventory times, data collection, and equipment handling. Data collection by our GIS Analyst is coordinated with a County Road Commission employee and a representative from a local MDOT office. Each three-person team classified, evaluated and rated road conditions. Networks Northwest staff then generated maps and analysis for each county and for the region. Each year, Networks Northwest staff coordinated the rating of over 2,700 miles of federal-aid-eligible roads in Northwest Michigan.

Click on each link for the latest State Trunkline and County federal-aid eligible surface condition PASER map

Antrim County

Benzie County

Asset Management Funding Flexibility - Cities and Villages that have adopted an MDOT approved asset management plan for their major/local streets, are eligible for greater funding flexibility for their local system.


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