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Archived Community Development Projects


2024 Bingham Township Comprehensive Plan

2024-2028 Melrose Township Parks and Recreation Plan 

2024 Fife Lake DDA TIF Plan Update (print version)
2024 Fife Lake DDA TIF Plan Update (interactive spread view)

2024-2028 Village of Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Plan

2024-2028 Wexford County Parks and Recreation Plan


2023 Almira Township Master Plan 

2023 Village of Kaleva & Maple Grove Township Joint Master Plan

2023 Bear Lake Township Master Plan 

2023 Village of Central Lake Master Plan and 5-Year Recreation Plan and Appendices

2023 Manistee Recreation Association Strategic Plan

2023 Benzie County Recreation Director Feasibility Study


2022 City of Charlevoix Master Plan


2022-2026 City of Frankfort Recreation Plan Update

2022-2026 Manistee County-Wide Park & Recreation Plan – Final (all)

Northwest Lower Michigan Region #10 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Cover of 2020 comprehensive economic development strategy


Bear Creek Township 2021-2025 Parks and Recreation Plan update


Bear Creek Township Master Plan 2021-2025


Leland Township 5-Year Recreation Plan (2020-2024)


Benzie County and Benzonia Township Joint Recreation and Cultural Plan


Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail preliminary design (for the northernmost section from CR 669 to CR 651, in Cleveland Twp. And Centerville Twp., Leelanau County)


City of McBain Master Plan and Recreation Plan


Wexford County 5-Year Recreation Plan


On May 3, 2018, Networks Northwest and the Alliance for Economic Success (AES) hosted a community forum at the Cadillac Sands Resort in Cadillac, Michigan to address the M-115/M-55 corridor from US-131 interchange west to Mitchell State Park. The meeting was an opportunity for the community to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the corridor and identify initial action steps for improving the corridor. The meeting was the second step of a larger planning process being facilitated by Networks Northwest and AES to create a redevelopment plan for the corridor. Identified as a SWOT Assessment, the meeting intended to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the corridor along with a preliminary vision and the next steps needed to be taken by the community. A summary of the community forum is provided here.

Building upon the momentum from the community forum, the effort to improve the area known as Cadillac West moved forward with the release of the M-115 Corridor Plan on July 30, 2018. The Plan was funded by a consortium of public and private entities interested in revitalizing the M-115 and M-55 corridors in Clam Lake Township, Cherry Grove Township, and the City of Cadillac. The effort facilitated by the Alliance for Economic Success and Networks Northwest in association with Beckett & Raeder. The Plan envisions two destination locations that provide village amenities with improved transportation and increased walkability.

View Cadillac West 2018 M-115 corridor plan


Click here to view the Village of Kalkaska Master Plan.


Mancelona Area Master Plan
The Village of Mancelona and Mancelona Township have developed a joint Master Plan.

Village of Mancelona Master Plan
The Village of Mancelona has also developed its own Master Plan.

Village of Mancelona Master Plan - FINAL (PDF)

Mancelona Area Recreation Plan
The Village of Mancelona and Mancelona Township have developed a joint Recreation Plan.

Mancelona Area Recreation Plan - FINAL (PDF)

Recreation Plan Appendices (PDF)


Village of Elberta Master Plan

Cover of Village of Elberta master plan


The Missaukee County Strategic Plan is intended to guide decision-making and move the County towards its vision of a vibrant, prosperous community.


Seasonal Economy Summit
On December 3, 2018, Networks Northwest hosted local units of government and community leaders from around Northwest Michigan for discussions addressing the region's seasonal economy. Links to presentations and other resources from the event are listed below.


Tourism Area Life Cycle Model: Where is your community at?
Andy Northrop, MSU Extension - Presentation

Sustainably Pure Michigan: Keeping the Golden Goose Alive
David Kronk, Northern Michigan University - Presentation
Scott Jordan, Northern Michigan University - Presentation

Seasonal Economy Profile (Lunch Presentation)
Sarah Lucas, Networks Northwest - Presentation

First Impressions: Tourism Assessment (FIT)
Andy Northrop, MSUE & Mary Faculak, East Jordan Chamber of Commerce - Presentation

Short-Term Rentals: Building an Ordinance
Kathy Egan, Networks Northwest - Presentation; Handout

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