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Healthy Communities

Recognizing that local policies and initiatives play a major role in individual and community health is an important first step in improving our health outcomes.

A Framework for Healthy Communities in Northwest Michigan

A Framework for Healthy Communities in Northwest Michigan  reviews current health findings, public input, and other data to assess health needs in the region, and identifies ways that local governments and other stakeholders can work to address community health issues. The Healthy Communities Framework was developed as part of the Framework for Our Future: A Regional Prosperity Plan for Northwest Michigan.

A Framework for Healthy Communities in Northwest Michigan (PDF)



Making Connections: Understanding Community Health, Safety, & Welfare in Northwest Michigan

This guide is intended to start a conversation about local policy, budgeting, and leadership decisions, and their impact on public health issues in communities throughout Northwest Michigan.

Understanding Community Health, Safety, and Welfare in Northwest Michigan (PDF)


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Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager