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Cathy Fairbanks, CFCM
PTAC Program Director
Phone: 231-929-5036

Deb Donovan, CFCM
Procurement Counselor
Phone: 231-929-5076

Suzanne Hartnett
Procurement Counselor
Phone: 231-929-5068

LeAnne Kachmarsky
Procurement Counselor
Upper Peninsula
Phone: 906-273-1661
Cell: 906-373-7411

Don Makowski, CFCM
Procurement Counselor
Upper Peninsula
Phone: 906-789-0558, ext. 1311
Cell: 906-553-9170

Elsa Finch
PTAC Technical Assistant
Phone: 231-929-5060​







PTAC has certainly been a strategic partner for us that has allowed us to focus on selling our products with their support and input. They’ve kind of kept us on a nice path to success.

Cheryl Tallman, Founder and CEO, Fresh Baby