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Welding Skills Lab Launches in Northwest Lower Michigan

News Release
December 20, 2021

Welding Skills Lab Launches in

 Northwest Lower Michigan Jan-May, 2022

Registration opens Monday, Dec. 20, 2021

NORTHWEST LOWER, MI— A new after-hours Welding Skills Lab is being offered to participants of all ages interested in developing their welding skills to enhance a current career, start a new career, or pursue a hobby. The need for welders throughout northern Michigan, the state, and country remains high. These skills will set you on a path to success!

The Welding Skills Lab will be held at the East Jordan High School Welding Lab. Classes begin Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022 and will be held every Monday and Thursday from 4-6 p.m. for 15 weeks. The classes will be taught by East Jordan High School Welding teacher, David Muladore, who has 40 years of welding experience in the industry and in the classroom. Upon successful completion, participants will earn AWS Level 1, 2 or 3 certifications.

“Participants in the new Welding Skills Lab will get a first-hand feel for the different welding processes and basic fabrication skills,” Muladore said. “Students will learn shop safety along with an understanding of level one welding processes which include O.A.W., G.M.A.W., S.M.A.W., F.C.A.W, and G.T.A.W. along with fabricating equipment such as sawing, shear, roller, grinding, plasma cutting and drilling.”

The Welding Skills Lab is open to participants of all ages, professional or hobbyist, but space is limited. The cost is $1,200 and includes all supplies and instruction. Scholarships are available through Northwest Michigan Works!

Registration opens Monday, Dec. 20, 2021 at this link. The registration deadline is January 7, 2022. To apply for a scholarship, or if you have questions, contact Corey Busch, Northwest Michigan Works! at (231) 492-8207 or email

More details about the Welding Skills Lab are available on the Char-Em ISD website.

The Welding Skills Lab is being offered through a partnership between Char-Em ISD, East Jordan Public Schools, Northwestern Michigan College, and Northwest Michigan Works!.

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