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TC-TALUS Board Votes to Join Northwest Michigan Council of Governments

TRAVERSE CITY--The Traverse City Area Transportation and Land Use Study (TC-TALUS) Board of Directors voted today in favor of TC-TALUS becoming a program of the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments (NWMCOG).

TC-TALUS has functioned as a stand-alone entity since its inception in 1990, and has maintained an office at the NWMCOG.

“TALUS formally joining the Council of Governments enables better resource sharing and collaboration to create successful transportation systems in our region,” said Elaine Wood, NWMCOG CEO.

The vote was initiated by TC-TALUS board members’ interest in saving costs, increasing regional awareness by coordinating with other regional transportation agencies, and consolidating services to best address transportation issues in northwest lower Michigan.

“Partnering with the Council of Governments at this level means TALUS can reap significant cost savings, and expand program capacity to better align transportation planning,” TC-TALUS Chair Evan Smith said. Access to the NWMCOG’s expertise and funding opportunities will better position TC-TALUS to be successful, he said.

“TALUS will continue to focus on its urban model for the Traverse City area, but also be connected regionally, which is crucial to transportation planning.”


TC-TALUS Overview

  • The mission of TC-TALUS is to provide coordinated leadership and direction for the development and conduct of the continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process for the Traverse City urban area and beyond.

  • TC-TALUS is comprised of a 24-member board of directors.

  • Board members represent area units of government, road commissions, the Michigan Department Of Transportation, Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City Area Public Schools, Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation (TART), Bay Area Transit Authority (BATA), Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, and citizens-at-large.

  • In 1988, the Grand Traverse County Commission and Road Commission formed the Grand Traverse Area Transportation Task Force that broadened its scope to work with MDOT.

  • In 1990 the task force adopted by-laws and approved a memorandum of understanding; thereby, officially becoming the Traverse City Transportation And Land Use Study (TC-TALUS).


Northwest Michigan Council of Governments Overview

  • The Northwest Michigan Council of Governments (NWMCOG), founded in 1973, facilitates and manages services and programs for ten counties in the region.

  • NWMCOG's member counties are: Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Manistee, Missaukee, and Wexford.

These programs include:

  • Regional Planning and Community Development
  • Northwest Michigan Works!
  • Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center
  • Prisoner Reentry program
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Northwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
  • The Business Training Alliance
  • Ag and Food Systems Alliance of Northwest Michigan
  • Hospitality Skills Alliance
  • Healthcare Skills Alliance of Northwest Michigan
  • The Regional Repository for US Census data


  • Some services of NWMCOG are in direct support of the counties, some are independent services provided to the public and businesses at large. NWMCOG is able to leverage several collaborative partnerships to extend limited resources and provide economies of scale for projects that operate on a regional basis.


  • NWMCOG is governed by two boards: Workforce Development Board that oversees Northwest Michigan Works! services and the Council of Governments board, comprised of a county commissioner from each of the member counties.


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Northwest Michigan Works! is an essential resource for employers and job seekers in the Northern Michigan area.
- Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager