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Survey Looks at Housing Issues In Northwest Michigan

News Release
June 17, 2013

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Sarah Lucas, Regional Planner
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Survey Looks at Housing Issues In Northwest Michigan


TRAVERSE CITY, MI—The public is being asked to provide information about housing in northwest Michigan by taking the Framework For Our Future Housing Survey. The online survey includes questions about housing preferences, community needs, and housing discrimination.

"Past surveys have asked general questions about housing, but this gets into a lot more detail about the housing issues and needs that people experience or perceive in their communities," said Sarah Lucas, a regional planner at the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments.

Survey participants will be asked how they think their community is doing when it comes to things like quality, type, and location of housing. Other questions will look at what people say are the most important factors they consider when making their own housing decisions.

The Framework For Our Future Housing Survey will also be the first time information will be collected about housing discrimination in the region. "Fair housing affects many different parts of the community and is an important consideration for home buyers, renters, landlords, realtors, and local governments," said Lucas.

Survey responses will be reviewed by project partners and used in the development of Framework for our Future: Tools and Strategies for Supporting The Grand Vision. This planning resource will be available to local communities and other stakeholders that are looking for ways to address local challenges while meeting community goals and supporting The Grand Vision.

The Framework For Our Future housing survey is available online at:



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- Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager