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Networks Northwest Provides Roadmap to Help Local Communities Recover From Impact of COVID-19

News Release
June 4, 2020

NORTHWEST LOWER, MI – A “Roadmap to Resilience” will provide guidance on the type of recovery actions each community in Northwest Michigan can take to mitigate the COVID-related economic disruptions that have occurred in our region, as well as plan for a strong and resilient future. Networks Northwest developed the roadmap for use by local communities throughout Northwest Lower Michigan.

The roadmap is divided into four suggested planning/action phases, each with a general timeframe for implementation. Each phase includes a summary of the timing, overall goal, a list of the types of stakeholders that might be involved, recommended actions, and anticipated outcomes of each respective phase. Together, this serves as a roadmap for localized recovery planning to spark thought and inspire local action. Following that outline, numbered “Action Steps” detail the activity stakeholders may consider, and which types of public, non-profit, and private sector stakeholders might take the lead or support those actions.

“We offer this pro-active tool as a partner with our communities,” said Kathy Egan, Networks Northwest Regional Director of Community Development. “We look forward to a long-term collaboration where we work together to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and move back into a strong, sustainable economy.” 

Networks Northwest remains committed to providing tools and resources for economic recovery and development in the region. In addition to the new “Roadmap to Resilience,” Networks Northwest will be providing more resources in the coming weeks and months for community leaders to make informed decisions on how to best survive and prosper in a post-COVID economy.

For more information and copies of the Roadmap to Resilience documents, go to

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- Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager