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Almira Township Master Plan Update and Survey

News Release
August 23, 2021

ALMIRA TOWNSHIP, MI – Almira Township in Benzie County has begun work on the update to their Master Plan. The Township has contracted with Networks Northwest, who will work closely with the Almira Township Planning Commission, to complete the work on the Master Plan. Over the next 12 months, work will be done to update community information and demographics, develop goals and objectives for an action plan, develop a Future Land Use map, and more.

In order to assist with gathering public opinion, the Almira Township 2021 Master Plan Survey is open until September 20, 2021. The survey seeks to gather input that will be used to assist with shaping the goals and objectives that direct and guide Almira Township. The survey can be found at:

Over the course of the process, information can be found on the Almira Township Master Plan Resource page. The survey and timeline can be found there now. As plan development occurs, draft chapters and more will be placed there for public review. The Resource Page can be found at:

For any questions regarding the Almira Township Master Plan please contact Mathew Cooke, Community Planner at Networks Northwest, at


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