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About Us

Map of Northern Michigan at an Angle

About Networks Northwest

Founded in 1974, Networks Northwest facilitates and manages various programs and services for the 10 counties of Northwest Michigan. Our primary service categories are: workforce development; business & economic development; and community development. Our programs include Northwest Michigan Works!, APEX Accelerator, various business services, and many different initiatives in response to our communities’ requests and needs. You will see the broad spectrum of workforce, business and community services Networks Northwest offers as you look through our web site.

Networks Northwest's member counties are: Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Manistee, Missaukee, and Wexford.



Our mission is to build stronger communities and enhance the quality of life in Northwest Michigan.



Our hallmarks are public-private partnership, visionary leadership, responsiveness and adaptability, entrepreneurship, and economy of scale.




  Excellence   Demonstrate sincere effort, expertise, purpose, and skillful execution.
  Integrity   Be honest, respectful, fair and open-minded, even when no one is looking. 
  Empowerment   Provide others the tools, resources, opportunities and motivation to move in positive directions.
  Innovation   Foster and apply imaginative, inventive approaches that make a positive impact.
  Optimism   Lead with confidence, promote strengths, and view barriers as opportunities.
  Collaboration   Build and strengthen relationships to share ideas, leverage capabilities and maximize resources. 
  Celebration   Recognize accomplishments and embrace an enjoyable work culture.



Businesses, community organizations, individuals, units of government, and regional or sub-regional topical networks


Networks Northwest

Our Vision:
We envision a diverse and resilient economy in Northwest Michigan with vibrant, unique communities.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to build stronger communities and enhance the quality of life in Northwest Michigan by:
    •  providing a regional framework for effective collaboration among integrated service networks

and by

    •  Directly providing services related to talent, business and community Development.

Our Hallmarks:
    •  Public-private partnership
    •  Visionary leadership
    •  Responsiveness & adaptability
    •  Entrepreneurship
    •  Economy of scale
    •  Leveraging resources

Our Values:
    •  Innovation
    •  Collaboration
    •  Integrity
    •  Excellence
    •  Optimism
    •  Empowerment
    •  Celebration

We Serve:
    •  Businesses
    •  Community organizations
    •  Units of government
    •  Individuals
    •  Regional or sub-regional topical networks

Corresponding Goals, Strategies, Objectives, Metrics:
    •  Regional Prosperity Planning and Community Networks
    •  Programs we operate:
        •  Talent
        •  Business
        •  Community

Physical address:

600 East Front Street, Suite 205,
Traverse City, MI 49686-4330


Our mailing address is:

Networks Northwest
PO Box 506
Traverse City, MI 49685-0506


Telephone and FAX:

Phone toll-free at 1-800-692-7774
Local Traverse City telephone (231) 929-5000
Fax: (231) 929-5012


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The professionals at Networks Northwest help our City Council, Planning Commission, and staff make thoughtful decisions to ensure our community is sustainable and resilient for many years to come.
- Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager