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Step Up to Success!

Career & College Readiness in Northwest Michigan

The Educational Development Plan (EDP) Project is designed to enhance the State of Michigan requirements for all 8th-grade students to complete a plan where they identify a career goal and shape future decisions such as high school classes based upon that goal.  In order to enhance this process, the Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) of Northwest Michigan, in collaboration with Northwest Michigan Works!, felt it was important to start the career and self-exploration conversations early so that students have time to build soft skills, identify natural interests and talents and connect with career paths.  This project provides lesson plans to encourage students to prepare for their future as well as best practice career exploration events.   

Starting in elementary and continuing through high school, the EDP project creates an adaptive continuum of career and self-exploration that culminates in students finding a successful career path and filling the talent pipeline in the economy, hopefully, and most especially, that of Michigan's.

Watch this video to find out more about the importance of EDPs.


Networks Northwest really made the Speak-Up Kalkaska Event successful, and we look forward to our continued partnership in completing the cooperative Master Plan Process.

Cash Cook, Kalkaska DDA Director