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Updated Hot Jobs Report Highlights In-Demand Occupations in Northwest Michigan

April 12, 2022

Northwest Michigan’s growing industries and the jobs they offer are highlighted in a newly revised Hot Jobs Report. Initially developed in 2015 by Networks Northwest, the Hot Jobs Report acted as a companion piece to the talent section of The Framework for Our Future: A Regional Prosperity Plan for Northwest Michigan.

The updated 2022 report looks at projections for the next five years in fields including: advanced manufacturing; agriculture; energy, transportation, and construction; health care; hospitality; information and business services; and education and public service. The Hot Jobs Report includes information about the education level required for different jobs, entry-level wages, and wages that can be expected for experienced workers. The hot jobs information was compiled based on labor market data, then vetted through input from local employers.

“Talent pipelines and career pathways in the Northwest Michigan region continue to evolve quickly, with new jobs being created at a pace that only seems to increase,” said Lisa Schut, Northwest Michigan Works! Regional Director. “The continuing labor shortage highlights the need for workers with a variety of skills and skill levels. There is tremendous opportunity for workers to fill current and projected job openings that advance along sustainable career pathways.” 

The Hot Jobs Report is available at:


Our Township greatly benefits from Network Northwest's experience, depth of knowledge and understanding. Because they work with so many diverse communities in our ten-county region they understand the local land-use issues and are already working on solutions by the time we realize we need some help.

Susan Odom, Chair, Suttons Bay Township Planning Commission