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Teacher Recognized for Learning Lab Management

Jerry Hawes usually teaches students at the Northwest Michigan Works! Adult Education Learning Lab in Kalkaska. But at the Michigan Adult Education and Training Conference held at the Grand Traverse Resort Hawes' audience was other teachers. Hawes got the opportunity to present a workshop at the conference by being one of just six adult education instructors from around the state to win Teacher Spotlight recognition from the Michigan Office of Adult Education.

"There are a lot of presentations with people who are giving us lots of great information, but we just didn't have a ton of presentations with teachers, so we wanted to spotlight teachers," said Brian Frazier, the chairman of the Teacher Spotlight Committee.

He says Hawes was recognized for his innovation and attention to detail. His presentation focused on managing an adult learning lab. Hawes says an important part of that is having an efficient enrollment process.

"Their [students’] enthusiasm is fresh when they walk in so I try not to dampen it," said Hawes. "I try to keep that enthusiasm going and get them in the lab working as soon as possible."

Hawes has 40 years of teaching experience, including 14 years in the learning lab. He says removing roadblocks in the enrollment process isn't the only hurdle adult education teachers have to help their students overcome.

"All of the students that come to us come with a lot of barriers," said Hawes. "We try to give them a break from those when they come in the lab. In here you can feel comfortable while you move forward."



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