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Property Manager Thankful for Job Search Help From Michigan Works!

Kim Root is the property manager at The Villages housing community in Traverse City.

She has done similar work in the past and has also worked in I.T. and cell phone site project management. Even though she has a variety of professional experience, in April of 2013 she found herself unemployed and looking for work.

“It was very hard,” said Root. “Looking for the type of job I was looking for where I could support myself and my daughter, I needed more than just an eight-dollar an hour job.”

After she lost her job, Root went to Northwest Michigan Works! in Traverse City, but she didn’t know if they’d be able to help her find the kind of job she was looking for.

“I thought perhaps it was more for people that are in factory work…so I was kind of surprised that they were able to help me with the higher paying job and the more professional side,” said Root.

The staff at Michigan Works! helped Root update her résumé and cover letter and polish her interview skills. They also provided her with job leads.

“Just having them look over my stuff was worth its weight in gold,” said Root. “It definitely, I think, puts you in a better position and ahead of the other person to get a job.”

Root says with the help she got at Michigan Works! she was well prepared when she found out about the job opening at The Villages.

“I got an interview right away and was offered the job within 24 hours,” said Root.

She encourages other job seekers to take advantage of the help offered by Michigan Works!.

“I believe they enjoy what they do and that’s to help other people,” said Root. “I would definitely suggest anybody that is looking for work go there.”


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