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PRI's Mentoring Group Monthly Meeting Investigated Readiness for Change


The Traverse Bay Poverty Reduction Initiative (PRI) Mentoring Group typically meets on the third Friday of each month. In an effort to help all organizations with mentors, each meeting now includes an educational element.


Committee member, Steve Wade says, "Over the last six years we have learned that people involved in mentoring programs benefit from regular contact with their peers. This education series is designed to provide timely information on issues affecting mentoring and a time and place for colleagues to connect with one another. People who have attended these sessions say they gain a lot from both the presentation and the casual conversations with others involved in mentoring."


Mentoring Group meetings are posted on the PRI Calendar of Events.

Learn more about PRI's Navigating and Mentoring.


From the February 20th Mentoring Meeting:

Readiness for Change: To Change or Not to Change
Goodwill Main Campus, S. Airport Road, Traverse City


  • Bill Paxton spoke on "Readiness for Change"
  • 20 people representing 10 different agencies were present
  • To date 30 different people have attended the sessions representing 12 different agencies 
  • This was the third monthly training

View the presentation notes from Bill Paxton


The next training event will be our annual mentoring breakfast to be held in May and will feature Lisa Bottomley from MSU Extension, Grand Rapids. 


For more info, please contact Steve Wade at:


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