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Oldenburg Group Selected As Michigan Government Contractor of the Year


If you take a close look at most U.S. Navy ships you will probably see equipment made in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Oldenburg Group, which has facilities in Iron River, Kingsford, and Ontonagon, sells a variety of products to the Navy, including refueling systems, deck equipment, cranes, and boat davits.

“We’re a preferred supplier,” said Jon Jennings, Oldenburg Group Director of Program Management. “We have equipment on almost every ship in the fleet.”

Manufacturing items for the Navy means a company has to follow very specific standards that require up to date training. Since 2001 the Oldenburg Group has received help navigating the waters of government contracts by working with the Northwest Michigan Procurement Technical Assistance Center or PTAC.

“When you do business with the federal government there’s a lot of red tape and a lot of bureaucracy you have to wade through to be successful,” said Jennings. “The seminars and educational opportunities that are offered give us insight in to that and give us the skill sets necessary to do business with the federal government.”

“They’ve attended our training events and have regularly contacted our office for assistance obtaining specifications and military standards,” said Don Makowski, PTAC Procurement Counselor. “They were very actively involved in our training we did for the Littoral Combat Ship program.”

The Oldenburg Group’s ongoing work with the PTAC, especially efforts connected to the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship program, earned the company recognition as Michigan’s Government Contractor of the Year.

“We’re very pleased,” said Jennings. “We’re from a rural area so any time you can get a state recognition it’s really good for us.”

“The Oldenburg Group is an outstanding company, that’s why they were nominated for this award,” said Makowski. “They take advantage of the services provided by the PTAC and any training we have that could benefit employees and their business.”

The Oldenburg Group plans to continue using the services offered by the PTAC and Jennings encourages other businesses that are not using those services to look into what the PTAC has to offer.

“It’s a real convenient, easy thing to do,” said Jennings. “It just offers a real opportunity for you to get insight in to doing business with the federal government.”


Video Brief:

The Oldenburg Group has facilities in Iron River, Kingsford, and Ontonagon and does a lot of business with the U.S. Navy. Oldenburg has been assisted in its government contracting efforts by the Northwest Michigan Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). For their dedication and superb history in government contracting, the company has been named the Michigan Government Contractor of the Year. Watch the video to find out more.





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