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NWMCOG Updates Legislators On Region's Workforce, Economic, and Community Development Activity


On Feb. 6, 2013, the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments held an informal luncheon open house in Lansing for the region's eight state legislators and their staff members. The luncheon gave the legislators an opportunity to stop by and talk about current issues, ask questions, and discuss topics of interest or concern.

The gathering provided the NWMCOG staff some time to keep legislators up to date on the agency's current activities pertaining to workforce, economic, and community development. Also invited to attend were Doug DeYoung, Vice President of Government Relations and Business Development, Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce; and Luann Dunsford, CEO of the Michigan Works Association.



  (left to right): Doug DeYoung, Traverse City Area Chamber; Matt McCauley, Director of Regional Planning and Community Development, NWMCOG; Representative Phil Potvin, 102nd District; Elaine Wood, CEO, NWMCOG; Senator Darwin Booher, 35th District; Luann Dunsford, CEO, Michigan Works Association.



Elaine Wood, CEO, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, and Senator Howard Walker, 37th District.  



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Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager