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Northwest Michigan Works! Helps Medical Facility Meet Staffing Needs

Northwest Michigan Works! helped the Manistee County Medical Care Facility fill certified nurse aide (CNA) positions by recruiting candidates for a customized CNA training at the facility. Along with recruitment, the staff at Michigan Works! also handled the application process, interviews and orientation for the training, which was offered at no cost to those selected to participate. Eleven students were selected for the training and nine of them qualified for additional supportive services through Michigan Works! The individuals who completed the training were able to move directly in to open CNA positions at the Care Facility. This was the second time Michigan Works! helped the Manistee County Medical Care Facility facilitate a customized CNA training. The Facility is already talking with Michigan Works! about helping to recruit candidates for another training in early 2016.


Elise, Sarah and Elizabeth of Networks Northwest really made the Speak-Up Kalkaska Event successful, and we look forward to our continued partnership in completing the cooperative Master Plan Process.

Cash Cook, Kalkaska DDA Director