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Northwest Michigan Council of Governments Receives National Association of Development Organizations 2013 Innovation Award



WASHINGTON, DC – The Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, based in Traverse City, Michigan received a 2013 Innovation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation for the Food Innovation Districts: An Economic Gardening Tool Guidebook.   





NADO is a Washington, DC-based association that promotes programs and policies that strengthen local governments, communities, and economies through regional cooperation, program delivery, and comprehensive strategies. The association’s Innovation Awards program recognizes regional development organizations and partnering organizations for improving the economic and community competitiveness of our nation’s regions and local communities. Award winners were showcased during NADO’s 2013 Annual Training Conference, held August 24 - 27 in San Francisco, California. 

“For nearly 30 years, NADO’s Innovation Award has provided regional development organizations the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to promoting economic development in rural and small metropolitan communities across the country. Building on the unique strengths and challenges of each region and community, award recipients continue to promote sustainable economic growth not only now, but for many years to come. And I am pleased to announce that this year over 100 regional development organizations were selected to receive NADO’s 2013 Innovation Award,” said NADO President John Leonard, Executive Director of the Southern Georgia Regional Commission in Valdosta, GA.

For more information about the award-winning project, contact the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments at 231-929-5000.

The professionals at Networks Northwest help our City Council, Planning Commission, and staff make thoughtful decisions to ensure our community is sustainable and resilient for many years to come.
- Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager