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NMC Student Video Challenges the Stereotypes of Poverty


In addition to studying a variety of social problems from the local through the global levels in a Modern Social Problems course (SOC 201), NMC students worked together on a semester-long service learning video project (SLP) that focused on myths and stereotypes about poverty and people living on low-income. 

In partnership with Progress Village, United Way NWMI, Traverse Bay Poverty Reduction Initiative, and UpNorth Media Center, students conducted and recorded interviews with professionals, policy experts, as well as personal insights of generational and situational poverty. Coordinating with her for this video, a previous interview with Dr. Donna Beegle, Director of Communication Across Barriers and national poverty expert, was also used in the making of this mythbusting video. 

The video will be used in presentations about poverty, as a training and educational tool for volunteers and others interfacing with low-income people, and demonstrating the use of service learning in classrooms.


Producer(s): Susan McQuaid | Brandon Everest

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- Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager