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Networks Northwest Recognizes Registered Apprenticeship Graduates

The most recent graduates of Registered Apprenticeship programs in Northwest Lower Michigan received special recognition at the June meeting of the Networks Northwest Board. Angela Crane, Timothy Betzold, Jr., and Victor Hobart III each completed Carpenter Registered Apprenticeships and Emily Miller completed an Office Manager Apprenticeship. All four are now journeyworkers in their chosen occupations. Northwest Michigan Works! a program of Networks Northwest, provides technical assistance and administrative support for registered apprenticeships in the region, including development and implementation guidance.

Crane and Betzold were able to attend the Board meeting in person. They each received certificates of recognition from Congressman Jack Bergman’s Director of Michigan Operations and state tributes from Senator Wayne Schmidt. Crane and Betzold also received their U.S. Department of Labor National Credential from Networks Northwest Board Chair, Gary Fedus, Networks Northwest CEO, Matt McCauley, and Northwest Michigan Works! Manager of Apprenticeships & Business Resource Networks, Evelyn Szpliet. 

The Carpenter Registered Apprenticeships included 2000 hours of on-the-job training and 288 hours of additional instruction. The Office Manager Registered Apprenticeship included 4000 hours of on-the-job training and over 288 hours of related instruction.

Registered Apprenticeships are developed through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and are a proven training method for employers to build a talent pipeline of highly skilled, educated employees. Registered Apprenticeships are offered in over 1300 occupations and can be designed for any size or type of business.

Networks Northwest always proves to be a valued resource for our local government planning efforts. No organization does a better job of convening partners, promoting collaboration, and reporting on the data than does Networks Northwest
- Ty Wessell, Leelanau County Commissioner