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Just In Time Training Prepares Machinists for Workforce

Machining Basics Certifications were awarded to eleven students who completed a Just in Time training program offered by the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, Northwest Michigan Works!, and Northwestern Michigan College (NMC). The 124-hour program was developed with input from local employers and was designed to meet the immediate hiring needs of those employers.

“Our whole goal of this program was to give our students what the manufacturers in the community told us were the basic skills they want to see in their entry level candidates,” said Adam Dwyer, a training specialist at NMC.

“We appreciated the fact that they garnered our input…and incorporated that in to putting together a program,” said Shelley Geyer of CPM Century Extrusion.

After receiving their certificates, the graduates had an opportunity to meet face to face with several local companies who employ machinists. The students say they are confident they now have the skills those companies are looking for.

“In order to run these machines there’s a certain amount of knowledge you can’t do without,” said Joe Young, a machining training graduate. “By having this training it shows we do have that knowledge.”

“It puts us ahead of the curve because we’re going to beat out the guys that go in and say they can run a machine and have no idea what they’re doing,” said Mike Smith, a machining training graduate.

“This provides a trade that you take with you everywhere,” said Steve Meissler, a machining training graduate. “You’re a machinist and that’s something that nobody can take from you, that education, that knowledge, and that ability.”




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