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Job Seekers and Employers Helped by Michigan Works and Northern Staffing


Aaron Moore is a full-time hi lo operator at the Shoreline Fruit plant near Elk Rapids. He got his start at the plant through a referral from Northwest Michigan Works! to Northern Staffing Services, a temporary placement agency with an office inside the Northwest Michigan Works! Center in Traverse City.

“I’ve used Michigan Works before and I went in there looking for work and they sent me to Northern Staffing and they sent me here and it’s just gone great since,” said Moore.

“The individual up front (at Michigan Works) can always tell people that Northern Staffing is hiring and placing people and you might want to fill out an application and speak with them,” said Jesse Miller of Northern Staffing.

Northwest Michigan Works! Youth Services coordinator Lisa Anderson and other Michigan Works staffers refer job seekers to Northern Staffing on a regular basis. Anderson says Northern Staffing often has positions available for people who have had a tough time finding a job.

”It’s been just a wonderful experience,” said Anderson. “I can take people that maybe have not the best work history…or they’ve never had a job, and I can make the pitch to Northern Staffing and they will…give the person a job.”

Along with helping job seekers, the referrals from Michigan Works also help Northern Staffing meets the needs of the businesses they work with.

“I think it’s important because we don’t have to always just rely on our own advertising to bring in the candidates,” said Miller. “It benefits us greatly because we may not have enough candidates.”

Aaron Moore says he appreciates the help he got from Michigan Works and Northern Staffing and he encourages other job seekers to look into what they have to offer.

“Definitely go check it out,” said Moore. “They’re a big help and they’re great people to work with.”



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