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Job Search Opportunity During the Holidays

Job seekers who slow down their employment search during the holidays miss a great opportunity. Share these tips for reviving and moving a job hunt forward in December:

Keep applying for jobs and following up. You may be first in the hiring line because competing job seekers took time off.

Attend a holiday business event. You will network with new people who may be in a helpful holiday spirit.

Thank people who helped you in your job search during the year. Take them for coffee, and you may gain leads and support that will reinvigorate your search.

Volunteer. Many charity events at this time of year are one-time commitments. You will be helping others and adding something new to your resume.

Spruce up your self-image. Job searching can be depressing, but don't let it define you. Find ways to improve your self-image through positive people, activities, and books.

Resolve to learn about active job searching. Join a job club and take job search workshops at your local One-Stop Career Center/American Job Center.

Job seekers who avoid stagnating in December may be the ones who get new jobs faster in the new year!


Article © 2012 Career Action Resources, LLC. Used with permission.


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