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G.1F.T. Now Accepting Applications for New Families!

G1FT – Giving 1 Family at a Time is a nonprofit organization which assists at risk, poverty level families within Grand Traverse County achieve sustainable independence through one on one mentoring and ongoing emotional support, by providing them with items and/or services tailored to their individual needs which act as stepping stones to assist them with return to work, continuing education, and emergency, safety or health concerns. For more information on G1FT visit:


From Taylor Weckstein, CEO, G1FT:

The family I just finished helping consisted of a single mother and her three amazing daughters. The mother has depression, and when she gets stressed she can have a very hard time functioning. However, she is very smart and received all A's in school, and now is finding strategies to mitigate depression’s effects. Her children are her top priority, and everything she does she does for them.

Before we began assisting her, anxiety had been a major restricting obstacle and she had been unable to keep a steady job for ten years because her depression had gotten in the way. This mother grew up always on the move in foster care, and she still to this day struggles to understand how a family should function. Regardless of all these obstacles she was able to provide for her children, and still be a great mom. Now, after our assistance she seems happier than ever, and always has a smile on her face. This is the first time in ten years that she has been able to keep a job, and these huge leaps and bounds of growth have resulted from nothing more then a little support and someone she could rely on. In addition to providing constant every day necessities, we really helped the family meet new goals and create paths for a better future. Because of the kind donations from Pleasanton Bakery and Oryana, the family has fresh weekly produce and bread that will continue even though G.1F.T. has completed its work. We have also made a matching College Funds agreement so the mom can go back to school. Our final present was a new car, kindly donated by Bill Marsh, with over $400 of gas cards. This was huge, and now the mom no longer needs to worry about not picking up her kids from school or being unable to go to work or college classes because of her many problems from her previous car. Although there is still a long way to go, I am proud of her growth. We will be staying in touch with the family and keeping tabs on their progress for years to come.

Now I am in the process of looking for another deserving family who is in a crisis situation or living in poverty. This family must be self motivated and determined to get back on their feet. I am asking you to please give out an application form to any great family that you think is deserving of this opportunity. To get this application form please go to my website,  and click on “Download Application Form” on the left side of the main page. All you need to do is print it out and give it to the family you feel could benefit from G1FT.

For more information or to receive an application by mail, please feel free to contact me at 231-223-7227 or at my e-mail:



Taylor Weckstein
Giving 1 Family at a Time


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