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Cherry Capital Foods Selected as SBDC Top Business


Cherry Capital Foods in Traverse City has been selected as the Northwest Michigan Small Business Development Center Small Business of the Year. Watch the video to find out more.



A growing interest in local food has helped Cherry Capital Foods in Traverse City experience remarkable growth. For the past three years the business, which is a distributor of local food, has experienced an annual growth rate of 50 percent.


“What happens with that kind of growth is as soon as you get a plan in place it’s outdated,” said Evan Smith, Cherry Capital Foods Chief of Operations. “It’s a great problem to have but it’s definitely a wild ride.”


As they’ve been growing and planning for the future, Cherry Capital Foods has received assistance from the Northwest Michigan Small Business Development Center. That assistance has included strategic planning, financial modeling, and benchmark data.


“It’s just been helpful on so many levels in that they understand what we’re doing and they’re also plugged in to the rest of the community in a way that they can point us to solutions and opportunities we might not have seen,” said Smith.

Cherry Capital Foods’ success has earned the company recognition as the Northwest Michigan SBDC Small Business of the Year.


“I’ve often told fellow business owners that the SBDC is a great starting point for getting solutions and suggestions,” said Smith. “It doesn’t matter what the problem is they help you find a solution.”


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Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager