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Americorps' Leah Wachlin Joins Launch Manistee


From Alliance for Economic Success reports:


Leah Wachlin, one of the 75,000 Americans annually engaged by AmeriCorps in community service initiatives in the U.S., will provide program assistance for Launch Manistee, a program created in 2014 to support the success of Manistee County children from cradle to career.


"Leah's background is amazing and Launch Manistee is fortunate to have someone with her rich national and international experience in service programs," said Mary Ann Behm, Coordinator of Launch Manistee that is managed through the Manistee County Community Foundation. "Leah will be part of the effort to work with our partners to achieve the bold goals of Launch involving preschool and postsecondary student success."


Behm said that Launch Manistee's goals are to enable every three and four year old in the County to have access to a range of options for quality preschool experiences regardless of family income by 2020 and to have  60 percent of all Manistee residents (ages 25-64)  have a post-secondary degree or high-quality credential by 2025.  Wachlin is a graduate of Michigan Technological University where she earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Certificate in Global Technology Leadership. She has engineering experience in the health care industry, served as a senior leader in outdoor adventure programs and as instructor and mentor to help young people build confidence and grow in character. While serving in the Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership, she was involved in bringing health care, first aid, and sanitation processes to remote Villages in Ghana. 


Leah Wachlin
Leah Wachlin, Launch Manistee

"Launch Manistee is all about working collaboratively with others to develop the resources and opportunities to help Manistee County children succeed, in school and in life," said Wachlin. "It's a transformative effort that is desperately needed in Manistee and throughout Michigan and not unlike other programs I've been involved with that provide structure and support for children and students. This is a great opportunity to be of service and help others."


Recent support from the Spirit of Giving Fund of the Manistee County Community Foundation helped make this position a reality. A generous grant provided half of the $5,000 needed by Launch Manistee, for the AmeriCorps Host Site's local match commitment toward the VISTA member's living stipend. The United Way of Northwest Michigan is serving as the AmeriCorps VISTA Project Managing Organization.


Since its founding in 1994, more than 900,000 AmeriCorps members have contributed over 1.2 billion hours in service throughout America while tackling pressing problems and mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve.


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