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Job Search Guides - Free Resources from Northwest Michigan Works!

This series of job search guides will help you be successful with each step of finding and landing a new job or career. Click on the images to view, download, or print any of the guides.







Résumé and Cover Letter Guidebook

This is a comprehensive guide to help you prepare an effective résumé and cover letter.





The 10 Principles of Success

Burning desire, faith, responsibility are a few of the 10 Principles of Success. Click on the image to see all 10 principles to help you achieve success with your job search.





Achievement Statements and Proofs

Use concrete examples, proofs, and measurable data to describe your prior achievements. This strengthens your position as a candidate for a new job or career. Click on the image to see examples of powerful achievement statements to help you achieve success with your job search.





Effective Job Search Skills

This document lists the essential tools for getting and keeping a job. Click on the image to see 22 job search tools to help you get a job.





Email Address - Your First Impression

In a job search, a first impression can make the difference between getting hired or not. Realize the importance of having a professional email address for your job search. Click on the image to see how you can make a better first impression to help you get a job.

Email Address - Your First Impression

Create a Gmail Account

Create a Yahoo! Email Account






The world of self-employment is changing. Many new businesses are Internet-based or home-based. They require much less initial capital than traditional start-ups. Click on the image to see how some entrepreneurialism may help you create a new job.





The Hidden Job Market

It is estimated that only 20% of available jobs are ever advertised, which means that 80% of the jobs that are available are “hidden.” Click on the image to see eight ways to help you find hidden job openings.





How In the World Do I Talk About My Offense?

How should you talk about an offense? Click on the image for insightful information to help communicate effectively with an employer about sensitive subjects as a criminal offense.





How to Succeed at a Job Fair


Job fairs are a popular way for company recruiters to find new candidates. The
recruiters get a chance to meet many job seekers in a short amount of time, and
you get a chance to sell yourself. Unlike more standard job-search approaches,
job fairs guarantee face-to-face discussions. But you have to be presentable and




How to Write Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a detailed list of all the duties you performed on a specific job. Properly written, they help you convey your experience to an employer. Click on the image to see examples of effective job descriptions for your résumé.





Informational Interviewing  (the reverse interview)

Informational interviewing gives you a realistic picture of what jobs and companies are like. Click on the image to see 25 questions you might ask a person who does the type of work you would like to do.





The Interviewer's Perspective

There is much advice about how to have a successful interview. But in your preparations, perhaps you should stop and think about the interviewer’s perspective. Click on the image to help you understand the employer's perspective--this may help you obtain a new job.





Job Applications

Follow these instructions to help you complete a job application to meet the needs of employers. Click on the image to help you complete applications in the manner employers expect.





Job Retention

Job retention is about keeping your job. Long term job retention results in a steady income and fewer disruptions to your daily life. Steady work can also demonstrate to an employer that you are capable of maintaining a work schedule. Click the image to learn about job retention.






Networking is used in your job and/or career search to obtain or give information that will assist you or others achieve job search goals. It is the process of developing relationships with a group of relatives, friends, professionals, and acquaintances who can assist you with locating the information you need to find a job or receive career information. Click the image to learn about networking.





Phone Skills For Your Job or Career Search

Using the phone is the most efficient way to keep the momentum going in your job or career search. Click the image to learn about telephone scripts and good questions to ask to help you land the job that's right for you.





Preparing For The Interview

Preparing for the Interview requires effort. This document helps you with this preparation: learning about the company, questions to ask when called for an interview, what to take with you, how to dress, making introductions, body language, and much more. Click the image for this important information about preparing for the job interview.





The Professional Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of records that document your work and training history and affirm your success. It demonstrates the knowledge and skills you have that will make you an asset to the employer. Click the image to learn about developing a professional portfolio.






Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills – from working as part of a team to setting and reaching goals. It gives you a chance to discover what kinds of things you are best at and enjoy the most, which can help shape your ideas about your career goals. Click the image to learn about volunteering.




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