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Rural Task Force 10B includes a city/village (under 5,000 population), road and transit representative each from Manistee, Missaukee and Wexford counties; and the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The RTF 10B balance sheet reflects projects that were formally approved through the RTF process. Implementing agencies may change the scope or cost of a project at any RTF 10B public meetings:


RTF 10B Meeting Documents (most recent)

Rural Task Force 10-B Meeting Agenda (Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 10am)

Balance Sheet (12/2021)

Wexford County Local RTF Meeting Minutes (11/2/2021)

Missaukee County Local RTF Meeting Minutes (11/2/2021)

Manistee County Local RTF Meeting Minutes (11/11/2021)

Rural Task Force 10-B Meeting Minutes (12/17/2021)

Bylaws (1/16/2015)

All-Season Road Map (11/2014)


Manistee County:

Road Commission: Mark Sohlden (

Transit: Dick Streavy (

City/Village: Liz Dufresne (


Missaukee County:

Road Commission: Kelly Bekken ( - CHAIR

Transit: Natalie Davis (

City/Village: Ray Vassar ( 231-884-0654)


Wexford County:

Road Commission: Alan Cooper/Karl Hansen ( - VICE CHAIR

Transit: Carrie Thompson (

City/Village: Bruce Howell (


Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

Steve Parsons (


Networks Northwest always proves to be a valued resource for our local government planning efforts. No organization does a better job of convening partners, promoting collaboration, and reporting on the data than does Networks Northwest

Ty Wessell, Leelanau County Commissioner