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Old Mission Peninsula Scenic Heritage Route


Mission Statement:

To identify, preserve, enhance, and promote the scenic, agricultural, and rural characteristics of the M-37 Corridor in Peninsula Township.


Because of the scenic attributes of inherent beauty and the rural characteristics displayed along this particular stretch of M-37, a concerned group of Peninsula Township residents and Township officials investigated the possibility of officially acknowledging the distinctiveness of this segment of roadway by designating it as a Michigan Scenic Heritage Route. This distinction ensures the residents of Peninsula Township that this roadway, which links Old Mission Peninsula to Traverse City and other surrounding communities and acts as the underpinning for the pastoral character of the Township, would remain true to this character and would be managed in a manner that showcases the inherent qualities of Old Mission Peninsula.

The designation of M-37 as a Scenic Heritage Route allows the Scenic Heritage Route Committee to work with the Township Board, Planning Commission, and residents on these common goals and it does not regulate or take away property rights from the adjacent landowner.

Corridor Management Plan Goals

  • Preserve and enhance the scenic, agricultural, and rural qualities of the route.
  • Encourage development that will not detract from scenic and agricultural qualities, which includes the preservation of the unique and prime agricultural land for present and future generations.
  • Encourage community involvement in monitoring the route.
  • Encourage interpretive programs that describe the natural, historic and cultural features located along the corridor.
  • Promote the preservation and maintenance of the unique and rural qualities of the countryside along M-37 (Center Road)

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