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Village of Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Plan


This webpage contains all of the most recent information, resources, and documentation for the Village of Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Plan Development Process.  

The development of the Village of Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Plan is occurring over an eight to ten month period from the beginning of January 2023. During this time, public input will be solicited in a variety of ways to capture the needs of the County residents. A public input survey will be released for input in March which will help aid the development of a Community Open House event and the opportunity to provide comments on the draft plan during the required public comment period and public hearing. 

The Village of Thompsonville Village Council is the body that will help guide the Parks and Recreation Plan process and development. These meetings are open to the public and offer the opportunity to provide input, typically at the beginning and end of a meeting. These meetings are held at the Thompsonville Village Hall (14714 Lincoln St, Thompsonville, MI 49683) on the second Monday of the month. 

Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Plan Survey 

The Village of Thompsonville Parks and Recreation Survey was developed with help from the Village Council. Residents and visitors are invited to respond to the survey to help identify improvements to existing assets and shape the goals and action plan of the Village’s Parks and Recreation System.

Follow this link for the survey!

Documents and Maps

Draft documents and maps will be posted as they become available.

Wexford County Parks and Recreation Plan Project Timeline


Parks and Recreation Plan Contact:

Mathew Cooke, Community Planner

600 E. Front Street Ste. 205
Traverse City, Michigan 49686

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