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MEDC Collaborative Development Council (CDC)


In 2011, Governor Snyder challenged the MEDC to develop strategies to engage in regional collaboration among economic and community development organizations. Ten regions were formed and defined by local partners in an effort to align state service providers. Local and regional economic development agencies had already been working in concert with others in multi-county areas and had long been requesting state support for regional efforts and activities.

The MEDC convened a Collaborative Development Council (CDC), comprised of economic development practitioners around the state. The CDC meets monthly to discuss policy, strategic direction and provide programmatic input. The CDC has 18 members, each representing regions through the state, as well as the Michigan Economic Developers Association. The goal of this alignment is to streamline services from statewide agencies; improve customer service to communities and businesses; coordinate information sharing and resources among community and business development professionals; maximize under-utilized resources; and encourage new regional initiatives.

Map of Michigan’s Collaborative Development Councils (CDCs) 

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