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Eastlake Village Master Plan

The Village of Eastlake is preparing a new Master Plan as a  guide for the future of the community.

The Master Plan will prepare the Village for changing needs and will allow for informed decisions about housing, community services, land use, the economy, and overall quality of life. A recreation plan will be Included in the project, to guide parks and recreation improvements for the next 5 years. 

For the Master Plan to include your vision, the Village needs you to be a part of its creation. Use this site to get involved in the Master Plan, learn more about the process, and stay up-to-date on planning events and activities.

For more information on the Master Plan, or to be added to the Eastlake Village Master Plan notification list, please contact Sarah Lucas, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, at 231-929-5034 or

To learn more about master plans and how they work, please visit online citizen planning resources.


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