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HOURS & RATES | Posted 3814 days ago, 12:14 pm, by veastlake

Campground open from May 26 thru October 26.
We have a total of 38 campsites.
There are 10 campsites with electric at $23.00 per day and 28 campsites without electric at $15.00 per day.
Showers and flush toilets are available.

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Blaine Township Zoning

Zoning Ordinance | Posted 4044 days ago, 12:27 pm, by admin

Blaine Township Zoning Ordinance is now available online.

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Stronach Township Master Plan

Posted 4400 days ago, 11:58 am, by admin

Stronach Township's master plan is underway! Check back for the latest draft.

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Village of Mesick Master Plan Survey

Posted 4442 days ago, 02:40 pm, by admin

As a resident and stakeholder of the Village of Mesick, your input and opinions are key to the planning process.

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Eastlake Village Master Plan

Posted 4770 days ago, 12:26 pm, by veastlake

The Village of Eastlake is preparing a new Master Plan as a guide for the future of the community.

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Village of Kalkaska Master Plan

Master Plan, Model Ordinance | Posted 4864 days ago, 02:52 pm, by vkalkaska

The Village of Kalkaska is creating a new Village Master Plan. The new master plan will be a guide to help shape local land use and other community decisions. It is a vision of what the future can be, and a guide to get us there.

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