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Link to PRI Strategic Plan 2011-2014

2014 Project Reports Year in Review  (notes from Dec. 16, 2014 meeting)



Next Meeting:
Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 1-2:30 p.m.

The PRI Steering Team typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the Traverse City Michigan Works! Center, 1209 S. Garfield Avenue, (you may park/enter on the south side of the building). All are welcome.



From the September 15, 2015 meeting:

In August the PRI Steering Team met with representatives from the chamber, school systems, early childhood programs, etc. to learn about a cradle-to-career initiative called Launch Manistee. This presentation and subsequent conversations helped inform the basis of a plan to prevent poverty in our community by supporting and enhancing the work being done along this continuum. At our September 15 meeting the steering team will review this plan and begin the work of creating an asset map of programs and services that primarily serve individuals and families 0-21. This exercise will help us understand who is at work along this continuum and what gaps exist. We are excited about this process and believe it will not only help us engage others who are working with children but will also establish a process that can be used to respond to other populations and issues. 



From the July 21, 2015 meeting:

This PRI Steering Team meeting was a rare opportunity to learn from another community in Northwestern Michigan. MaryAnn Behm, coordinator for Launch Manistee, presented information about their efforts to prevent poverty in Manistee County. Launch Manistee is a cradle-to-career initiative with comprehensive, community-oriented goals that address the continuum from early childhood to long-term, sustainable employment. PRI’s goal for this meeting was to convene a conversation with several stakeholders. Representatives from Great Start, TCAPS, TBAISD, NMC, and other related organizations were be in attendance. This is viewed as a start to long-term conversations on how our community’s resources could address the cradle-to-career continuum. 

Meeting Notes (from this meeting)



From the May 19, 2015 meeting:

Meeting Notes (from this meeting)

Agenda  -  Our meeting in May included a discussion on poverty prevention with Jim Rowlett

Participation Summary  -  Info compiled through Feb. 2014 (mostly)

2014 Project Reports Year in Review  (notes from Dec. 16, 2014 meeting)

Framework for our Future: Talent Lunches  (A summary about the labor shortage from the employers' perspective)



From the April 21, 2015 meeting:

Meeting Notes (from this meeting)




From the February 17, 2015 meeting:


Proposed Outreach Program of Framework for Our Future  

(A Regional Prosperity Plan for Northwest Michigan)

Framework for Our Future: A Regional Prosperity Plan
(link to documents on the Networks Northwest website)



From our January 20, 2015 meeting:

Meeting Notes


Sample Tier Approach to Address Poverty

Strategic Screening Matrix

2014 Project Reports Year in Review  (notes from Dec. 16, 2014 meeting)



2014 Minutes and Agendas

December 16



Meeting Notes - Project Reports Year in Review

PRI Strategic Screening Matrix 2014


November 18


Agenda  - for the Nov. 18th Steering meeting


October 21


Agenda  - for the October 21st Steering meeting

Meeting Notes  - from the Oct. 21st Steering Meeting


September 16

  Agenda  - for the September 16th Steering meeting

August 19

  Agenda  - for the August 19th Steering meeting

July 15


Agenda  - for the July 15th Steering meeting

PRI Job/Employment Meeting Notes  - from meeting on June 23, 2014


June 17


Agenda for June 17, 2014 Steering Meeting  (Now available!)

Meeting Notes  - from the June 17th Steering Meeting


May 20


Agenda for May 20, 2014 Steering Meeting

Meeting Notes from the May 20th Steering Meeting


April 24



Agenda for April, 24, 2014 Steering Meeting

Meeting Notes from the April 24th Steering Meeting

Meeting Notes from the April 17th Jobs & Employment small group meeting.


March 27



Meeting Notes  (a review of this meeting which was held on 3/27)

Agenda for March 27, 2014 Steering Meeting


February 27







Meeting Notes  (a review of this meeting held on 2/27)

Agenda for Feb. 27, 2014 Steering Meeting

Chair Meeting of PRI Steering - Notes from Feb. 10, 2014

Strategy Discussion - notes from Jan. 23, 2014 Steering Meeting

PRI Strategic Screening Matrix 2014
Use the template to answer questions about any solutions, proposals, or projects you are considering.
Use the template to evaluate new programs/ initiatives or opportunities against each other.





Networks Northwest always proves to be a valued resource for our local government planning efforts. No organization does a better job of convening partners, promoting collaboration, and reporting on the data than does Networks Northwest

Ty Wessell, Leelanau County Commissioner